Ayush Badoni Can Be A Future Of Indian Team

IPL is the best platform for youngsters to showcase their ability and talent.

With the addition of 2 nee franchises, it became a path for more youngsters to get the opportunity.

One of such incredible story is written from the camp of Lucknow where an amazing talent named as Ayush Badoni is showing this world how good a player he is.

In a run chase of 149 when Lucknow stumbled Little bit in the last 2 overs with 20 runs to get .

He was the man who made such an invaluable impact scoring 10 of 3 balls in a tricky situation.

His last innings in IPL are testimony of immense talent that he has.

He has contributed 54(41) then 19(9) and 19(12) and today’s 10 of 3.

All these innings at a crucial time lower down the order