Oman vs Bangladesh ICC T20 world cup, match six: Bangladesh won by 26 runs

  • Bangladesh – 153/10 (20.0)
  • Oman – 127/9 (20.0)

Bangladesh won by 26 runs

Bangladesh won the toss and choose to bat. The match was played in Al Amerat cricket ground, Oman. Bangladesh scored 153 runs by 10 wickets. Bangladesh lost his first wicket in the second over.

Naim and Liton das came on creach as opening batsman. Bilal khan is the opening bowler. In the first over, Bangladesh scored 3 runs. Bilal khan gives a wide in the first over. Kaleemullah threw the second over and the score was 7/0. In the 2.5 over, Liton Das got out by Bilal Khan. He was out by lbw. Mahendi Hasan came to the ground, he is a right-handed batsman. The score after the third over is 11/1. In the fourth over, Naim hits two boundaries, a six and a four.

In the next over, Mehendi Hasan got a catch. The score is 25/2. Bangladesh lost their two wickets by the end of the 5th over. Then, Shakib al Hasan comes to Creech. This over was simple and no boundaries this over. In the 7th over, Naim hits a six, in this over the players of Oman did misfielding. It’s the second time misfielding in this match. After the end of the 7th over, the score was 41/2. In the next over, fielders again drop a catch. Aqib Ali came to bowling, in this over, Shakib hits a boundary.

After 10 overs, the score was 63/2. Bangladesh saved their wickets till now after the fall of the second wicket. They lost their openers in the power play. In the 12th over, Bangladesh hits two fours and one six. In 13.3 over, Shakib gets run out by fayyaz Butt. He scored 42 runs in 29 balls. Nurul Hassan comes to the ground. Nurul Hassan catch out by Sandeep Goud in 14.6 over. Another fall for Bangladesh. They have lost their 4th wicket. Afif Hossain came for batting, he is a left-handed batsman. Bilal khan threw this over. On Bilal khan’s bowling,

Naim hits a six in Rishabh Pant style, one-handed. Stunning six for Bangladesh. In 16.1 overs Afif Hossain catches out by jatinder Singh. The match comes on an interesting turn. Mahmudullah comes to the creach. In 16.4 overs, Naim got caught out by Ayaan Khan, it is a huge wicket for Oman. Naim scored 64 runs in 50 balls. The last wicket of Mustafizur, caught out by Zeeshan Maqsood and bowled by Bilal khan. The final score of Bangladesh is 153/10. All out in the team of Bangladesh.

2nd Inning In Oman

Aqib Ilyas and Jatinder Singh come to the field as opening batsman. Aqib hits a four in the second ball. The first over is thrown by Taskin Ahmed, he gives 12 runs in the first over. Aqib Ilyas got out by lbw format. Mustafizur Rehman took the first wicket in 1.1 over. Then Kashyap Prajapati comes to reach as a batsman. By the end of the third over, the score is 26/1. Not so good start for Oman. In the fourth over, Jatinder Singh hits a four to Shakib Hassan.

The score is 33/1. Kashyap Prajapati hits a six and a four. In 5.4 over, Kashpay Prajapati gets caught out by Nurul Hassan. Zeeshan Masood comes to the ground. The score is 47/2 at the end of six overs. In a power play, Oman lost his two wickets and score 47 runs. in the 7th over, jatinder Singh hits a six and a four and the score is 57/2. By the end of the 8th over, Oman needs 95 runs in 72 balls. There is a chance of winning for Oman. Jatinder Singh is in on 30 runs in 25 balls. Now, Oman needs 84 runs in 60 balls. Jatinder Singh hits four fours till now.

Ten over is over and the score of Oman is 70/2. Zeeshan Maqsood lost his wicket in the 12th over. Catch out by Mushtafizur. Ayaan khan comes to the ground. In 12.5 over, Jatinder Singh gets caught out by Liton Das. Big wicket for Oman. He scored 40 runs in 33 balls expected to complete his half-century. By the end of 15 overs, Oman completed his 100 runs in total. Oman needs 53 runs in 28 balls from now. In 15.3, Sandeep Goud gets caught out by Mushfiqur Rahim.

In the 17th over, Ayaan khan gets caught out, on the next ball, Naseem Khushi gets caught out. Then Mohammad Nadeem comes to the field. Kaleemullah lost his wicket in 17.4 overs. In 17.6, fayyaz Khan lost his wicket also. 9 wickets of Oman are down. They have to make 40 runs in 10 balls for winning.

 Bangladesh won the match by 26 runs


Oman (Playing XI): Jatinder Singh, Aqib Ilyas, Kashyap Prajapati, Zeeshan Maqsood(c), Mohammad Nadeem, Ayaan Khan, Sandeep Goud, Naseem Khushi(w), Kaleemullah, Fayyaz Butt, Bilal Khan

Bangladesh (Playing XI): Liton Das, Mohammad Naim, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah(c), Afif Hossain, Nurul Hasan(w), Mahedi Hasan, Mohammad Saifuddin, Taskin Ahmed, Mustafizur Rahman

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