First Time CSK Lost Their First 2 Games In IPL History

If there could be a team in IPL that could be labelled as the most consistent team in IPL it has to be Chennai. yes, Mumbai has a lot of trophies they might have won those big moments on bigger occasions.

But Chennai is the only team baring one year they have always made to the playoffs of the IPL, top 4 that is the mind-blowing stat for any franchise. The tournament of IPL’s stature and always being there at the top is simply not easy.

This year has not been a great start for Chennai they lost both games on the trot.
They Lost the first one from Kolkata and today they were beaten by Lucknow this is the first time in the history of IPL for Chennai that they have lost 2 games on a consecutive basis.

They never lost 2 matches consecutively before. It just shows how good they have always started the IPL but not this year

This time and things are not looking good for them, especially the bowling but they would be looking forward to improving these numbers and getting off the mark in this year’s IPL