High Praise For Umran Malik From One Of The Greatest

Fast bowling sensation is always something worthy to be watched and if you ball fast with some serious space it is even more notable.

When you hurry the batsman with your pace that’s probably the beauty of this game.

Indian cricket perhaps was not renowned for having guys who bowl quick near to 150kmph regularly in the past

Umrah Malik is one the character of Sunrisers Hyderabad who is quick and brutal with his pace.

He got recognition for his pace last year when he stunned everyone and then got retained by Hyderabad too.

Bowling coach Dale Steyn himself is a sensation and a legend of this game.

He heaps a lot of praises on Umran Malik.

Dale Steyn used to bowl quickly with a serious pace and now he is watching Umran Malik bowl with pace too he loves it and even said in an interview that any bowler who bowls near 150kmph is very exciting to watch.

Umran Malik is one of those characters who bowl at that pace constantly.

This is encouraging for a fast bowler to get that much acknowledgment and praise from a person of Dale Steyn’s stature, that would give him a lot of confidence to do well not only for the franchise team but also if given a chance for the Indian team too