Lowest 6 Over Powerplay Score In The History Of IPL

Lowest 6 over Powerplay Score in the History of IPL: RR VS SRH 14 runs 3 wickets 6 overs

The match between the former champions Sunrisers Hyderabad against Rajasthan Royals ended with a record. The period of six overs for a cricket team is called the powerplay. The Sunrisers Hyderabad, unfortunately, ended up with the lowest score in their first six overs.

The team managed only 14 runs off its 1st 6 overs. There is no other team in India that has ever scored lowly like this. This might be a result of batters tending to attack the bowlers in the powerplay following the fielding restrictions. Outside the 30-yard circle, there should be only two players.

The Sunrisers’ batters struggled to get going at the Maharashtra Stadium, where they were chasing 211 runs to triumph but ended up down 14/3 after their six overs.

Previously, it was the defending champions Chennai Super Kings who held the record, with 15/2 against Kolkata Knight Riders since the 2011 IPL season.