Most Runs In 20th Over While Chasing In IPL

Finishing the games in IPL is a very important part of t20 cricket and the teams having a good finisher at the end overs will do better.
When we talk about the finishers in IPL, there is no name other than Mahindra Singh Dhoni that strikes your head as quickly.
He has been one hell of a finisher in IPL and he also has a very different record under his name.

In terms of scoring the most runs in the last over (20th) over, no one is ahead of MS Dhoni. He has scored 24 runs, 2nd best is miller 22, again MSD at the 3rd number with 22.

Rohit Sharma is also in this list at no 4 with scoring 22 runs and MSD at no 5 again with 20 runs

That’s incredible and it also shows how good a finisher MSD was for Chennai.