MS Dhoni Is Playing His 350th T20 Match

Whenever we talk about the stalwart of Indian cricket, especially in the last decade.

One name that stands up all the time is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

He has been an absolute legend for the Indian cricket team for all the services that he has given, for all the trophies that he has won, and all the joy, ecstasy, and elations that he has added to the Indian cricket fans.

He played IPL for around 14 years consistently led Chennai and won them 4 championships.

He also played a lot of t20i for India and captained them as well.

Today when his team Chennai is playing their third match of a tournament against Punjab Kings, another landmark that MSD has achieved in this game.

Now he has played 350 T20 games combined with IPL and internationals.
At the age of 42 and he is still fit enough, good enough, competitive enough.

It just tells us the longevity that he has shown in his career.
It’s an inspiration for so many young children, absolutely brilliant