Namibia vs Netherlands, 7th match of ICC T20 world cup 2021. Namibia won by 6 wickets

  • Namibia: 166/4 (19.0)
  • Netherlands: 164/4 (20.0)

Namibia won by 6 wickets

Namibia has won the toss and opted to field. This is the seventh match. Pitch is hard to take wickets.

Namibia vs Netherlands In first innings

Max Odowd and Myburgh came as an opener by the side of the Netherlands and the bowler is Scholtz. The first over is simple and they scored four runs in total. In the second over, they hit two fours and the score is 14/2. David Weise is the bowler. It’s the first boundary of the match. in the third over, again a six and a four, the batsmen are performing very well. The score is 24/2.

Then, janfrylinck came as bolwer. It is again a normal over and the score is 30/2. Netherland’s lost their first wicket of Myburgh in 5.4 overs. He gets caught out. He scored 17 runs in 16 balls. A normal batting form. Roelf van Der Merwe come to the ground.  At the end of six overs, the score of the Netherland is 45/1. They lost their first wicket. Hits a four in the next over and completed the half-century of the team in 6.6 overs.

It’s a nice start and they scored well in the power play. In the 8th overs, they lost another wicket of Van der Merwe. He scored 6 runs in 4 balls. The score is 58/2. After ten overs, they lost their two wickets and scored 69 runs. In the 12th over, they hit two boundaries and the score is 86/2. Ackerman hits both boundaries.

In 14th over, Bowlers of Namibia gives two boundaries and two wides. Netherland completed his century of the team. Present batsmen are Max Odowd and Ackerman.  Ackerman lost his wicket in 17.4 overs, he scores 35 runs in 32 balls and gets caught out by Erasmus.

He plays a good match. Then Scott Edwards comes to the creech, he is a right-handed batsman. After the end of 19 overs, the score of the Netherland is 150/3. Again lost a wicket in 19.3. Max Odowd gets run out. The final score of the Netherlands is 164/2. Namibia needs 164 runs in 120 balls.

Namibia vs Netherlands The second innings starts

Beard and Zane green starts the match as opening batsman. They scored 3 runs in the first over. The hits two boundaries in second over. The bowler is Ackerman. The score is 23/0 after three overs. Again two hits in this over. The next over is thrown by Timm. Namibia hits again two fours in this over also. In the fifth over, Zane green lost his wicket to Fred Klassen. He scored 15 runs in 12 balls. Well played.

Craig Williams comes to the ground. He is a right-handed batsman. After the end of the fifth over, the score is 35/1. Craig Williams hits a four in the 6th over. Power play ends and the score is 41/1. Good opening by Namibia. They lost their first wicket in the power play. In 7.1 overs, Craig Williams gets out by Ackerman. He scored 11 runs in 13 balls. In 8.1 over, Baard was out. 

He scored 19 runs in 20 balls. After the end of 10 overs, Namibia lost their 3 wickets and the score is 68. Two fours in a row and the score is 79/3. In the 11th over, Weise hits two sixes and a four. The score is 98/3. Erasmus lost his wicket in 16.5 overs. He scored 32 runs in 22 balls. Back to the pavilion. JJ Smith comes to the creach.  By the end of the 18th over, Namibia needs 15 runs in 12 balls.

Namibia won the match by 6 wickets.

Netherlands Playing XI

Max ODowd, Stephan Myburgh, Bas de Leede, Colin Ackermann, Ryan ten Doeschate, Scott Edwards(w), Roelof van der Merwe, Pieter Seelaar(c), Logan van Beek, Timm van der Gugten, Fred Klaassen

Namibia Playing XI

Stephan Baard, Zane Green(w), Craig Williams, Gerhard Erasmus(c), David Wiese, JJ Smit, Michael van Lingen, Jan Frylinck, Jan NicolLoftie-Eaton, Ruben Trumpelmann, Bernard Scholtz


Overs – 19.0

Fours – 6

Sixes – 0

Extras – 4

Bernard Scholtznot out3700
Roelof van der Merwe40221
Paul van Meekeren40163

Namibia (NAM) Scorecard

JP Kotze (c Scott Edwards b Fred Klaassen)7810
Nikolaas Davin (c Pieter Seelaar b Fred Klaassen)12820
Christi Viljoen (c Fred Klaassen b Timm van der Gugten)6810
Gerhard Erasmus (C) (c Max O’Dowd b Roelof van der Merwe)81400
JJ Smit (c Scott Edwards b Paul van Meekeren)5310
Zane Green (W) (hit wicket b Brandon Glover)61400
Craig Williams (c Max O’Dowd b Paul van Meekeren)272310
Jan Frylinck (b Brandon Glover)0100
PikkyYa France (c Pieter Seelaar b Brandon Glover)51000
ZhivagoGroenewald (b Paul van Meekeren)131800
Bernard Scholtz3700

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