Oman vs Papua New Guinea 1st match: Oman won the match by 10 wickets

This is the first match of the ICC world cup 2021 between Oman and PNG. Oman won the match by 10 wickets. They played extremely well. Oman won the toss and was selected to bowl.

The venue of the match was Al Amerat cricket ground Oman and the weather was bright and sunny. The Player of the match is Zeeshan Maqsood.
The pitch of the field was wet and spinners took advantage of that. Assad wala said that they chose bowling and the players are fully confident about the match. They will play very well. The boundaries are short and flat. Anjum Chopra said that it’s the batting field. Papua New Guinea starts batting.

Tony Ura and Lega Saka started the match as opening batsman. Bilal khan starts the match from the side of Oman as a bowler. In the first over, Bilal khan took a wicket of Tony Ura. It is very biggest wicket and bad starting for the cricket team for PNG. At no three, Assad Vala came into the field. 1st over was excellently overtaken by Bilal Khan.

In the second over, Kaleemullah took the second wicket of Lega Saka and it is not good for Papua new guinea. Then Charles Amini came to the ground. After the third over, Aqib Ilyas took command of bowling. PNG has lost their two main wickets in the first and the second over. They have a bad start and the players come under pressure after the second wicket in the second over.

Oman won the match by 10 wickets
Credit – (Arab News)

Jatinder Singh gets down on one knee and slog-sweeps it towards the mid-wicket fence. The ball goes flat towards Lega Siaka who just gets a hand to it and the ball goes over the ropes. By the end of 4 overs, the score was 26/2. The fifth over was bowled by Mohammad Nadeem, he has given 14 runs in the fourth over and the score was 40/2. Charles Amini hit one four and one six in this over.

Aquib Ali starts to bowl and he gives 6 runs in this over. In this over the batsman only took single runs and the score was 46/2. Then Kanwar Ali comes in bowling and Assad Vala hits a six on his first ball. Then they took only single runs and the score was 58/2. From the last 5 overs, they have secured their wickets.
In the 11th over, Assad Vala got run out, it’s a huge breakdown for Papua New Guinea, and it is very much needed by Oman. The score was 85/3 then Zeeshan Maqsood comes into the ground. In this over PNG scored 12 runs and the score was 96/3.

In the 13th over they make their 100 runs in total. Assad Vala scored 56 runs. In the next over, Assad Vala got catch out by Jatinder Singh. They celebrate his wicket in Shikhar Dhawan style. At the end of the 14th over they have lost their 4 wickets and the score was 112. At the end of the first inning, the score was 129/9 and PNG turns ends and oman comes on the pitch. Oman has done excellent bowling and fielding.

In a power play, oman scored 55 runs and not lost any wicket. Opening batsmen are Aqib Ilyas and Jatinder Singh. Jatinder Singh completed his half-century in the 12th over. Oman in this tournament and they will be very happy with their performance. Papua New Guinea has been left bruised with this performance. Don’t go anywhere as another game is coming up as Bangladesh goes up against Scotland.

Their skipper led the charge with the ball as he picked up 4 wickets while he was supported well by the others. Assad Vala was the only batter who could do well as he scored a fine 56 but he needed some support from the others. Oman chased down the score with ease and they have made a perfect start to the tournament.

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