All About Sachin Tendulkar And His Cricket Career

Sachin Tendulkar is an Indian cricket born on April 24, 1973. He has managed to captain the Indian team on several occasions. Sachin has been regarded as the greatest batsman in his cricket career in the Indian nation. He had a passion for Tennis in his early childhood when he was 7 to 8 years old. His cricket career was equal to that of his tennis ball career. He was to look for when to play either Tennis or Cricket ball career. He had grown long hair and used to wear wristbands. He also used to carry his Tennis racket bag whenever he would go. Though he had a passion for Cricket, he also had an interest in Tennis. When he was seven years old, he idolized McEnroe for his love for Tennis. As per him, it was time for him to either choose to play Cricket or Tennis.

To get away with the mischievous behavior, his elder brother had to introduce him to the cricket play g career. He started this career in 1984. who took him to a cricket Academy where Ramakant Achrekar couched him. Ramakant is one famous cricket coach who has a good reputation in the Shivaji Park team. Sachin Tendulkar could not play perfectly in his first game in the cricket career. When asked about his performance in that match, he said that he felt self-conscious when his coach would observe him whenever he would play in the match. By that, Sachin was not in a position to display his natural game to the level of his best. He, therefore, requested his couch to give him the privilege to try another match. He further requested he not keep watch of playing. At this time, Sachin produced the best performance, which made him be accepted at his Academy.

He also had expertise in playing Cricket in the Kanga Cricket League. His couch was impressed by Sachin Tendulkar’s talent and advised him to shift to another cricket academy situated at Dadar. Sharadashram academy had produced so many prominent cricketers. In his efforts, Sachin Tendulkarcould also attend the evening and morning classes at the Shivaji Park for more training in Cricket. He would practice for hours, making him perfect his cricket career as he continued practicing. Sachin would put a coin to see who his competitors were in his bowling career. He would not be dismissed by any of his competitors at every match, and he would receive his coin back at the end. He won thirteen coins, and that remained record-breaking. Alongside that, Tendulkar also won other medals in return.

He officially took up his cricket career at the age of eleven, where he managed to make his match test on November 15, 1989. that was in a game which who played against Pakistan. By then, he was sixteen years of age. He was chosen to be among the squad representing Mumbai in a domestic match. He was also involved in another squad to represent India in international matches to close the twenty-four seasons. In 2002, it had come close to half his cricket career. It is when he was now ranked the second-best batsman of all time. He was named the second-best ODI batsman in cricket history. Later on, as he advanced in his cricket career, he was part of the squad to represent India in the international World Cup matches in 2011, and that became his first world cup win over the past six world cups that he had also been featured in.

In 2003, Sachin Tendulkar was named the player of the world cup tournament, though never did India win the world cup. In 1994, he was rewarded for being an outstanding sporting man in his cricket career. In 1997, he received India’s sporting honor. He was awarded in 2010 in the ICC awards. He retired from the ODI career in 2012. he retired from all other forms of the cricket ball in 2013. it was after he had played for over 200th test matches. He had also played around 664 international cricket matches, where he managed to score 34,357 runs. He was therefore inducted into the ICC cricket hall for the famous cricketers in 2019

Personal Information About Sachin Tendulkar

Real NameSachin Tendulkar
Date of BirthApril 24, 1973
Place of Birth Mumbai, Maharashtra
NicknameLittle master
Nature of fieldBowling
Eye colourDark brown
Hair colourBlack

Family background

Sachin was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, on April 24, 1973. He was born to his late father, Ramesh Tendulkar and Rajni Tendulkar. Hesse’s father was a famous poet and novelist, and his mother worked as insurance personnel in an insurance company in Mumbai. He has other elder siblings, namely Nitin, Ajit, and Savita. All of the three siblings were half brothers and sisters. This sibling belonged to his father’s wife, who died when the third sibling was born. Sachin Tendulkar was known as a bully boy since he used to fight other children at school. Achrekar advised him to shift to cricket schooling after he was impressed with his passion for his cricket career. Sachin took Cricket a serious career and thus devoted 24 years of his life to Cricket. He was married to Anjali in 1995. he has two children.

Sachin Tendulkar Personal Achievement

  • He took a cricket career at the age of eleven years. He made his test match debut in 1989, where he was involved in a match against Pakistan. At this time, he was sixteen years of age. Here he represented Mumbai in a domestic match in India.
  • He was involved in the Indian squad, which won the 2011 world Cup. it became the first world cup trophy he won in his career and the last one. He had been featured in the last six world cup tournaments but never won any. In the previous world cup of 2003, he was privileged since he was named the tournament player.
  • He was privileged to receive the Arjuna Award in 1994. It was due to his superb sporting achievements. He, later in 1997, received the Ratna award, which is the highest Indian sporting achievement that one can attain in a sporting career.
  • In 2013, he was also given the Bharat Ratna award, the highest achievement that he can accord to any civilian in the nation of India. He was later nominated to the legislature’s upper house in the Indian Nation.
  • In 2012, he was awarded the Garfield Sobers award in his cricket career. Having retired from his cricket career, he managed to get involved in 664 cricket matches in general before he could officially retire in 2013.
  • In 2019, he was involved in the team for cricketers in the ICC cricket hall of fame.

The career of All formats

T20 Career

Sachin Tendulkar was only involved in one T20I match against South Africa in 2006. It was India’s  T20i debut of the best format he was ever involved in. It was not a simple task for him to take since India managed to restrict  South Africa to 126/9, forcing India to go for the 127 runs. In that match, Sachin managed to make ten innings. He also managed to take six wickets in that match. In 2011, he scored his T20 century in his cricket career.

IPL Career

Sachin managed to take part in 78 matches in the IPL matches. He managed to score 2334 runs in cumulative matches he participated in the IPL matches. His average on these runs was 33.83 at an average strike rate of 119.82. he also managed to record a total of 4 bowls but never had the privilege to record a wicket. His bowling capacity made him manage an average economy of 9.67. in 2013, he was paid a huge sum of money to get involved in the IPL tournament.

ODI career

Over many decades, at least each record could be smashed by this man whenever he would get involved. In 2012, he was privileged to become the first Indian player to score hundred international tons. It was just a little achievement since he never managed to score any test, rather even the ODIs. He became the first cricket player to break the double-hundred barrier in 2008 when he was involved in the ODI tournament. He achieved think unthought-of achievement when he played against the South African team.

Social media accounts

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Twitter – 37m followers


  1. When did Sachin Tendulkar make his first Test debut?

He made his first debut against Pakistan in 1989.

  • When did he get married to Anjali?

May 24, 1995.

  • How many ODI matches did he play?

463 matches.