T20 World Cup 2021 Papua New Guinea Squad

As we know that cricket is like religion in many countries. The countries which have their cricket teams have the largest no of cricket lovers.

As same T20 World Cup 2021 Papua New Guinea Squad is an associate member of ICC. In total, cricket is being played in 106 countries.

It consists of teams from all over the world and also fans from all over the world. T20 World Cup 2021 is about to start and fans are very much excited about that. They all are waiting for the matches to be started. It has both men and women cricket teams as well as under 19 cricket teams.

T20 World Cup 2021 Papua New Guinea Squad
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T20 World Cup 2021 Papua New Guinea Squad Details

Papua New Guinea was also known as PNG revealed their 16 members squad for the T20 World cup 2021. The squad will be led by Assad Vala (C). This is the first time when Papua New Guinea is making its debut in ICC global tournament. The squad consists of-Assad Vala (c), Charles Amini, Lega Siaka, Norman Vanua, Nosaina Pokana, Kippling Dorigo, Tony Ura,  Hiri Hiri, Gaudi Toka, Sese Bau, Damien Ravu, Kabua Vagi- Morea, Simon Atai, Jason Kila, Chad Soper, and Jack Gardner. Papua New Guinea came here after kicking off their T20 World Cup 2021 campaign with the opening clash against co-hosts Oman on the 17th of October.

This team has matches between Oman on the 17th of October, Scotland on the 19th of October, and Bangladesh on the 21st of October. PNGs are playing group B, where they will play against Oman, Scotland, and Bangladesh. These all matches will be held in Oman. If they will win all the matches then they will be able to make a spot in the super 12, and this will be huge for the team. This will put the team on a big stage. PNGs are also called The Barramundis.

It is the first time in the history of cricket where PNGs are participating in the global cricket tournament. They will play in group B of the first round of the marquee event. Oman, Scotland, and Bangladesh are also placed in group B. On the side of PNGs, Tony Ura and Norman Vanua will open. Norman Vanua is an all-rounder Bowling star. In the category of spin bowling, they have a star bowler named Charles Amini who is also an all-rounder. Kipplin Doriga is the wicket-keeper on the team. This ICC World Cup will start on the 17th of October in Oman and will submit the final clash on 14th November in Dubai.

About captain of PNG

Assad Vala will lead the PNG this year. His full name is Asadollah Vala. He was born on the 5th of August 1987. He is a left-handed batsman and off-spin bowler. He was playing for PNG since 2005. He has played 26 matches in T20. He made his debut for the senior side at the 2005 ICC trophy in Ireland. He has also won the best male player award, Tony Elly, in June 2018.

He is a reputed player. He was appointed as the captain of the PNG squad in the ICC T20 world cup in September 2019 in the United Arab Emirates. He was named as the key player for PNG by the International Cricket Council (ICC). He scored 197 runs in eight matches in the tournament, after that he became the leading run-scorer of the team.

History of PNG cricket

In the 1990s, LONDON MISSIONARIES SOCIETY introduced cricket in Papua New Guinea. At starting stages, the cricket played in PNG was not played by strict rules and regulations. But after some time they started playing cricket as professionals. After that cricket became very famous in PNG and youngsters are getting attracted to the game, it creates huge craze in the youngsters as well as middle-aged peoples.

They all like to play or watch cricket. The game was most popular in the Papuan village areas. Firstly matches were played on the shores of PNG. PNG became the Associate member of ICC in 1973. George Wolstenholme was the first captain of the PNG cricket team (the Baramundas). PNG also has its women’s cricket team. It was established in 2006. The first-ever caption of the women’s cricket team was Kune Amini. She was captain of the women’s cricket team from (2006-2009).

Plus points of PNG cricket team

The team has highly qualified players who have great sporting spirit and know-how to do teamwork. Mainly the cricket team of Papua New Guinea is known for its boosting performance in ODIs and T20s. They are massive in these types of matches. If we put an eye on history, we came to know that cricket is like the tradition in Papua New Guinea.

Most popular sport in that country. On the 8th of November 2014, Papua New Guinea created history by beating Hong Kong in its first ODI match. After this match, the team achieved a space in international cricket and created new status in international cricket. The board of cricket was surprised by the performance of the players in the match.

It is damn sure that players of the barramundi were fully confident about their upcoming matches and they are ready to face their opponents. After the final letter of ICC in which it is written that Papua New Guinea will also play in the T20 world cup, the confidence level of players reached the top. They are confident of doing well in the T20s World Cup 2021 at the United Arab Emirates and Oman which will start in October.

Before this, they haven’t played any international world cup match. It will be more challenging for the squad, they also had the pressure of performing well in the matches. The pitches of the United Arab Emirates and Oman are dry and slow, it’s a challenge for the squad to score more runs in that type of pitches. It took more practice to maintain their ability to be a good scorer, mainly for the captain of the squad who is also known as run-scorer. An international batsman must perform well in an international match. They have to play power-hitting innings.

As told earlier, PNG had announced a 16 member for T20 World Cup 2021, which will be held in Oman and UAE. Papua New Guinea is in group B and they will play the qualifiers round to progress in the next stage of the T20 match 2021. The PNG team will face their co-host in group B of the first round of the matches, Oman, Scotland, and Bangladesh. Only Scotland has beaten Papua New Guinea in the group stage of the qualifier. The first match will be played on the 17th of October that was PNG vs Oman. In this match, The Barramundas have to require a good start against Oman to make his space in super 12.

To qualify in the World Cup is a dream come true: Assad Vala

Captain of PNG said he will be leading a good team with great sporting spirit personalities in the T20 world cup 2021. He told that all the players will do their roles with full energy. It was a dream for all of them to play in the world cup match. He told that they have good skills and disciplined personals in the team which is must require for winning. He told that it will be an honor to lead this kind of team in T20 World Cup 2021.

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In which group Papua New Guinea team will play?

They will play in group B of the first round of the marquee event.

Who is the captain of the Papua New Guinea t20 team for wct20?

Assad Valla will lead the wct20 squad of Papua New Guinea.

What is the plus point for this team of Papua New Guinea wct20?

The team has highly qualified players who have great sporting spirit and know-how to do teamwork.

Which team Papua New Guinea will play its first match?

Papua New Guinea’s first wct20 match is against Oman.

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