T20 World Cup 2021 Prize Money

As the T20 world cup 2021 is coming all are excited, cricketers and board members as well as fans. In ICC world cup 2021, 16 teams compete with each other to reach the final match, and T20 World Cup 2021 Prize Money has been Announced.

As cricket had given the players a great name and fame, it also gives them a large amount of money, this is also a reason for youngsters to attract to cricket and the lifestyle of cricketers. Now we know about the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Prize Money.

World Cup 2021 Full prize money details for a winner, runner-up, and all teams

The cricket ICC world cup 2021 is scheduled to be played between the 17th of October and the 14th of November. A total of 16 cricket teams will participate in the tournament. The match will be played in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. The winner of the tournament will get prize money of $1.6 million.

The winner will get a cheque amount of 1.6 million dollars, in Indian rupees, it is almost 12,03,98,560 Indian rupees. It is more than a crore in Indian. The Final will be played on the 14th of November. The total prize money is USD 5.6 million and the title winner will get $1.6 million. 

The final match will be played in Dubai. T20 World Cup 2021 Prize Money was announced by the ICC on Sunday. If you think that only the winning team receives this prize money then you are wrong. ICC has made rules and regulations for all the prize money distribution. The total money is about $5.6 million overall. If any team reaches the final match and then faces losing the match will also be rewarded. The reward for losing the finalist is $800,000.

The teams which are selected in semi-final matches will also get a prize amount of $400,000 each. There will be two teams that reach semi-final matches.  The teams who will win the matches in the matches in super 12 will also get reward money of $40,000. 30 super 12 games will be played in total. For all this, the total amount is $1.2 million in prize money.

The teams who will qualify for the matches and 8 teams who are selected for playoffs will get a prize amount of $70,000 each. The teams who can make space in super 12 will get an amount of $40,000 each and the four teams who are not able to make space in super 12 matches will get an amount of $40,000 each.

For this, the amount for the selected teams and the teams which are not selected will be the same. In a total of 16 teams, eight teams will take part in round one which will start on the 17th of October. It consists of- Namibia, Netherlands, Ireland, Sri Lanka squad in group A. In group B there are four teams- Oman, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, and Bangladesh in group B.

The teams from group A and group B who are at the top of the point table will make their space in super 12. There are already 8 teams that are in the super 12 from the beginning. These are Australia, England, South Africa, and West Indies in group 1. In group 2, there are Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and New Zealand.

T20 World Cup 2021 Prize Money stats

•       For winners- $1.6 million.

•       For runner-ups – $800,000.

•       For semifinalists- $400,000 each.

•       For winners of each super 12 match- $40,000.

•       For winners of round 1 matches- $40,000.

•       For those who knocked out in the super 12- $70,000 each.

•       For those who were knocked out in the matches- 40,000 each.

All the teams will have to perform well in the ICC world cup 2021 to win the title of world cup 2021. The weather in UAE is also favorable in November. The worst of the summer is over and pitches are also ready for the matches. In summer, Dubai’s climate is very hot and irritating and it creates very much difficult for the players to play the matches.

History of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

The ICC T20 world cup was also known as ICC world twenty20 in earlier times. The administrator of the tournament is ICC also known as International Cricket Council. It was started in 2007. It is played in the gap after every 4 years. The tournament was supposed to be held in 2020, but due to Covid-19, it is postponed and now it is going to be played in 2021. Starts on the 17th of October and the final match will be played on the 14th of November.

At present, the title belongs to West Indies. West Indies has won the title two times. In this match, many players have made their records and got so much fame and being popular like Mahela Jayawardene get the record of scoring most runs in the ICC T20 world cup tournament. He scored 1016 runs in total and the most wicket taken award goes to Shahid Afridi. Mahela Jayawardene belongs to Sri Lanka and Sahid Afridi belongs to Pakistan.

About 2021 T20 world cup

 In June 2021, ICC announce the timetable of the ICC T20 world cup 2021. After this, cricket lovers gain excitement about the match. It became a hot topic for cricket lovers. Due to Covid-19, the match was postponed and fans are waiting for the tournament to start. All starting matches will be played in Oman. ICC board is also under pressure because of the corona third wave. Let’s pray that it doesn’t affect the tournament.

Before this time, the ICC T20 world cup was played in India, due to the continued spread of corona. It is scheduled to be held in UAE and Oman. There are 4 stadiums in the UAE, these are – Dubai International Stadium, Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Stadium, and Oman cricket academy ground. All the information about the ICC T20 world cup is confirmed by International Cricket Council (ICC).

ICC wants to organize a well-disciplined and smooth tournament. All preparation is confirmed and ready to organize the most liked sports tournament in the whole world. All set to start the tournament in UAE and Oman. Almost there will be 2000 individuals including staff, cameraman, players, etc, ICC has organized a well-sitting arrangement for all individuals. Sitting arrangements should be safe and ensure safety.

If all the terms are safe and healthy, then it is beneficial for the players to be the focus of their game and win a prize amount of $1.6 million. Alex Marshal, head of ICC said that- it is a cricket event and it is not the Covid event, where cricket is to be played. He said that he wants all focus on the game and the management of the games for the players and staff, that they couldn’t feel unsafe and get infected by corona in any way.

 Before this, we have seen that IPL is stopped in between the series because some players and staff got infected.  So, he wants to take all precautions carefully and mentally be prepared if anything will happen. He said that we have to play in a safe and healthy environment where players can enjoy their game and fans will also. They don’t want to disappoint fans due to corona because the title was organized late and don’t want to postpone it later.


What is the T20 World Cup 2021 Prize Money for winners in wc t20?

Winners of wc t20 get $1.6 million.

What is the T20 World Cup 2021 Prize Money for runner-ups?

Runner ups of wct20 get $800,000

Where wct20 is going to happen?

Wct20 will happen in UAE.

Where the final match of wc t20 will be played?

In Dubai, the final match will be played.

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