Harmony in Decision: PBKS Owners Reach Unanimous Agreement on Bangar’s Appointment, Affirms Ness Wadia


In a surprising turn of events, Sanjay Bangar has returned to the Indian Premier League (IPL) with Punjab Kings, taking on the role of head of cricket development. Bangar, a former Indian cricketer and experienced coach, had previously faced challenges with the franchise’s promoters, but his return is now hailed as a homecoming. This development has sparked optimism among the team’s owners, who believe that Bangar’s experience and expertise will contribute to the growth and success of Punjab Kings.

1. The Unlikely Return:
Sanjay Bangar’s return to Punjab Kings is a surprise, especially considering his tumultuous relationship with one of the owners, Preity Zinta, during his previous stint with the franchise. The decision to bring him back reflects a significant turnaround in the dynamics between Bangar and the team’s promoters.

2. A Unanimous Welcome:
Ness Wadia, the co-owner of Punjab Kings, has emphasized that Bangar’s return was unexpected and a unanimous decision among all the promoters. Despite past differences, the management expressed their happiness at having Bangar back in the fold, highlighting the positive atmosphere surrounding his reappointment.

3. From RCB to Punjab Kings:
When he began his career, Wadia recalled Bangar’s earlier association with Punjab Kings. Having coached for India and been part of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Bangar brings a wealth of experience to the franchise. His journey from the early days with Punjab Kings to coaching the Indian team and contributing to RCB has shaped his coaching prowess.

4. Past Differences Clarified:
While there were reports of issues between Bangar and Zinta during his previous tenure, Wadia clarified that there was no abrupt parting. The co-owner highlighted that the decision to release Bangar in 2016 was not cruel, paving the way for a potential long-term association during his second stint.

5. The Uniting Vision:
Wadia expressed optimism about Bangar’s return, stating that the decision was fueled by a common vision shared by all the promoters. The unanimous agreement to rehire Bangar indicates a collective belief in his ability to contribute significantly to the team’s structure and success.

6. Past Glory Under Bangar:
Punjab Kings’ best season in the IPL was under Bangar’s coaching in 2014 when they reached the final but were defeated by Kolkata Knight Riders. Since then, the team has faced challenges, often finishing in the bottom half and missing out on playoff berths. The owners believe that Bangar’s return, along with the coaching expertise of Trevor Bayliss and the leadership of Shikhar Dhawan, can lead the team to greater heights.

7. Building a Force to Reckon With:
Wadia expressed hope that Bangar’s experience, combined with the coaching team and the leadership of Dhawan, will bring a structured approach to Punjab Kings. The co-owner envisions the group becoming a force to reckon with in the IPL in the years to come.

8. The Road Ahead:
As Bangar takes on the role of head of cricket development, the focus is not just on the upcoming IPL season but on building a sustainable foundation for success in the long run. The team management believes that Bangar’s influence will extend beyond immediate results, contributing to the overall development of players and the team’s cricketing ecosystem.

Sanjay Bangar’s return to Punjab Kings symbolizes more than just a coaching appointment. It signifies a reconciled relationship, a shared vision for success, and a commitment to building a team that can compete at the highest level. As the cricketing fraternity eagerly awaits the unfolding of the IPL drama, Punjab Kings fans are optimistic that this homecoming will mark the beginning of a new era filled with development, success, and the realization of the team’s true potential.

Harmony in Decision: PBKS Owners Reach Unanimous Agreement on Bangar’s Appointment, Affirms Ness Wadia surprising move, Sanjay Bangar was recently appointed as the head of cricket development for Punjab Kings in the IPL. Bangar, a former Indian cricketer with significant coaching experience, had faced challenges with the franchise’s promoters in his previous tenure. Despite this, the management highlighted that the former India batting coach is warmly welcomed by all the owners._

_Ness Wadia, the co-owner of Punjab Kings, expressed happiness about Bangar’s return, considering it a sort of homecoming. Wadia emphasized the unanimous decision by all the promoters to bring Bangar back, despite reported issues with one owner, Preity Zinta._

_While Bangar left the franchise after a challenging 2016 season, Wadia clarified that it wasn’t an acrimonious parting. He expressed optimism about Bangar’s second stint, anticipating a longer and successful tenure. Wadia is hopeful that, with Bangar’s experience alongside Trevor Bayliss and Shikhar Dhawan, Punjab Kings will become a formidable force in the upcoming years._

_Punjab Kings had their best season under Bangar in 2014, reaching the final. Since then, they haven’t made the IPL playoffs, often finishing in the bottom half. Wadia is optimistic that Bangar, along with the coaching team, will lead the team to greater heights, deserving success with their talented squad.


harmony means everyone in the team working together like a happy and well-tuned group. It’s like when all the musicians in a band play their instruments in a beautiful way that makes great music. Similarly, in cricket, players need to cooperate and play together to win matches. Harmony is when they understand each other, help one another, and cheer for their team. It’s like being good friends on the field and supporting each other to do well. When there is harmony in a cricket team, they play better, have more fun, and can achieve many victories together.


decision is like when a teacher makes a choice about something in the classroom. Similarly, in cricket, a decision is made by the umpires, who are like the teachers of the game. They decide if a player is out or safe, just like a teacher decides if a student is correct or needs more practice. Umpires use special signals, like raising their finger to say “out” or waving their hand to say “safe.” These decisions are essential to playing the game fairly, and everyone has to follow them. So, in cricket, a decision helps the game stay fair and make sure everyone plays by the rules.

PBKS Owners

PBKS owners are like the grown-ups who take care of a big playground where cricket is played. They are the bosses of the team called Punjab Kings, and they make important choices to help the team do well. Just like your parents or teachers make decisions at home or school, PBKS owners decide who gets to play in the team, what the team wears, and other important things. They want the team to win, so they try their best to make good decisions. PBKS owners cheer for the team and want everyone to enjoy watching cricket. So, they are like the leaders who help the team play their best in the game.

Unanimous Agreement

when everyone agrees on something, it’s called a “unanimous agreement.” It’s like when all your friends decide on a game to play together, and everyone says, “Yes, that’s a great idea!” In cricket, the players, coaches, and owners might have discussions, and if everyone thinks the same way, it becomes a unanimous agreement. It’s important because it means everyone is on the same team, working together to make good choices. For example, if they all agree on a strategy, it helps the team play well and maybe even win the game. So, in cricket, a unanimous agreement is when everyone says, “We all agree, let’s do it!”

Bangar’s Appointment | Harmony in Decision: PBKS Owners Reach Unanimous Agreement on Bangar’s Appointment, Affirms Ness Wadia

Bangar’s Appointment” means that Sanjay Bangar, a knowledgeable person about cricket, is chosen to do an important job for a team. It’s like when your teacher picks someone to be the class monitor because they are good at helping others. Similarly, in cricket, Bangar’s Appointment shows that the team thinks Sanjay Bangar can help them become better at playing cricket. He might teach them new tricks, guide the players, and make sure everyone works well together. Just like having a special helper in class, Bangar’s Appointment is a way for the team to have someone wise and experienced to lead them on the cricket field.

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